Hanoi - Vietnamese coffee

Fabulous Vietnamese coffee off the beaten path in Hanoi

Hip cafes, quirky coffee houses, friendly barristas — something different, something delicious
20 Jul 2020

The Vietnamese love their coffee.

And some of the best is found off the beaten path in Hanoi, on busy local streets or down hidden lanes or on the edge of a lake, brewed in hip or quirky cafes, often with stories to tell, places locals have been gathering for many years.

Some are tiny hole in the wall places, roasting their own blends that people come from far away to buy.  Some are in buildings built so long ago that the ceilings are almost unnaturally low, the seats too small and the walls too narrow.  Or hidden up old staircases at the back of shops.  But the coffee is fabulous.

Coffee with friends or colleagues is a key part of the culture of every day life.   In the bustle of the morning, or relaxing in the afternoon, there is always time for sharing a cup of coffee.

Afternoon coffee on the shores of West Lake

The Vietnamese have developed their own unique variations.



Black sticky rice iced sinh to – delicious & a perfect chaser to coffee



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