Ta Xua, Son La - hiking the Dragon's Back

Spectacular trekking and cloud chasing in the mountains & valleys of Ta Xua

Trek the Dragon’s Back & marvel at a sea of clouds swirling in the valleys far below
07 Oct 2019

Trekkers and cloud chasers rejoice!

Ta Xua, a mountainous commune of Bac Yen district, in Son La province, is a must to add to your “to do while in Vietnam” list.

Otherwise referred to as the Dinosaur’s Backbone or Dragon’s Back (Sống Khủng Long ), this paradise of clouds bordering the provinces of Yen Bai and Son La is a bit of challenge to get to, but totally worth the effort.

Previously, the only access to this mountainous wonder was by trekking in from either Tram Tau town in Yen Bai province or from Bac Yen in Son La, following steep, winding, narrow paths. The 2-3- day trek to get there, past Hmong villages perched on the mountain slopes, and treading on perilously slippery paths, is, of course, still possible, and highly recommended

However, more recently, the construction of new roads has made car access much faster and easier.

Sunrise over a sea of cloud filling the Ta Xua valley

The Vietnamese have developed their own unique variations.

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